Can I be pregnant?

A ten year old girl rushes to her grandmother and asks her, “Can I be pregnant?”

Grandmother, “Are you fooling. You can not be pregnant. Go and play out side.”

The girl then goes to grandfather and asks him the same question and the reply also is the same.

The girl goes to her father with the same question and gets a slap on her face with a same reply.

Finally she goes to her mother and asks her, “Mama, Can I be pregnant?”

Mama shouts at her “You madcap. You fool. You can not. Don’t even think like that.”

Girl comes out of her building to meet her twelve year old boy-friend and shouts at him, “See every body has confirmed that I can not be pregnant. There is nothing to worry. You always worry unnecessarily. Come let us…”

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Alin Pandaru
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