Stefan Stan – You Give Me Love (versuri & videoclip)

Luni am fost la lansarea primului videoclip al lui Stefan Stan, castigatorul primei editii Vocea Romaniei, pentru piesa “You Give Me Love”. 

A fost foarte amuzant la lansare, pentru ca au fost prezenti si Alex Velea, Smiley si sexy Pavel Bartos, care a avut cateva glume bune, in stilul sau caracteristic.

Stefan Stan si-a intrat in rol si se vede deja influenta colegilor din HaHaHa Production. Sper s-o tina tot asa si sa mai auzim de el, nu cum s-a intamplat cu alti castigatori ai concursurilor de talente.

Stefan Stan – You Give Me Love
– versuri/lyrics –

I like the games you play,
`Cause you never feel the same,
You kept me wishing missing you all day,
You made me fall in love with you every day.

You give me love baby,
You give me love, oh ye
You give me love baby, ye
And I love you for that!
X 2

I like the games you play,
I love, you call my name!
I want to kiss you,
I want to touch you night and day,
You made me fall in love,
You made me found my way.

Chorus x 2

When the sun goes down
And the night falls,
Give a hug at your girls,
This is touch just hardly,
Looking for some nasty cheeks.
I can make you move,
Think .wrong,
Why should I leave,
To take you home,
This is the favorite run,
This is the run of your life!

And you give me love
Chorus x 5


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