Burning love

Ultima melodie a lui Connect-R se numeste Burning love si candideaza cu siguranta la hit-ul verii 2009. Sunt curios cum o sa fie videoclipul :d pana atunci, urmariti un teaser pe monden.info

Connect-R Burning Love
– versuri/lyrics –

You’re the one desire, but your love is burning like fire
Jah soul, jah man
Connect-R pon di place
Rappin’ on!

R:.I need some water, ’cause I’m gettin’ so dry
Your love is burnin’ like the sun in July
When you put your arms around me you raise the temperature high
‘Cause your love is burnin’ like the sun in July.

Burning, just like the sun glowing
Shining, just like the love we have
Let me feel it, I wanna touch your skin, yeah
Let me kiss it, I wanna taste the sin.

Let me be what I need to be ’cause when the sun is shining you look so sexy, yeah
I wanna touch ya pon di face pon di whole body
But your skin is burnin’ lïke the sun,baby.

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