Break up. Don't stay more than love.

Melodia cu care m-am trezit azi.., brilliant

– lyrics –

Break up….
Break up when things should go wrong.
Break up. When there’s no bond (anymore)
Break up. Break up when you don’t belong.
Just break Break up. When there’s no rush to the door.
Break up…
Break up when dinner’s fast food and no words.
Break up when silence disturbs.
Break up when your heart’s left in the woods.
Break up…have no excuse..
Break up. Break up when killing the smile.
Break up. Break up when “sometimes is fun”.
Break up when things “should be done”.
Break up when jugglin’ the figures of love.
Break up. Break up the first time she doesn’t need to know.
Break up. Take no pleasure in lying to you both.
Break up when habits are all you have got.
Break up when fear only stops you from breaking it up.
Break up when you feel like you stay more than love.
(Break up when staying in this more than love)
You don’t have to stay more than love..
Break up. Break up when killing the love…
Break up…fly like a dove…

made by Tudor Chirila (in caz ca nu v-ati prins)

Alin Pandaru
Blogger din 2007, berbec, iubitor de muzica live, biciclist, maratonist cu acte-n regula, fotograf de concerte si, mai nou, daily vlogger!

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