Some birds

O melodie care winamp-ul o tot selecteaza cand vine vorba de shuffle… si am zis ca poate e un semn ca tre’ s-o pun pe blog…

Coldplay – Some birds
– versuri/lyrics –

Summer, somewhere, you can feel the air
You can imagine the weather somewhere
Summer’s hand fades, I’m just a French man
Regard… the weather, somewhere
I said again, respect my love

It’s a fate where you must feel

Summer Some rain, you can feelummer, can feel the air
Imagine the weather somewhere
Can you see me smile, I’m not a girl

You can even take me first
I said again, respect my love

It’s a thing where you must feel…

Once again, Respect my love.

Alin Pandaru
Blogger din 2007, berbec, iubitor de muzica live, biciclist, maratonist cu acte-n regula, fotograf de concerte si, mai nou, daily vlogger!

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