VAMA – bed for love

Asa cum v-am promis ieri, azi urmeaza a doua piesa de pe albumul VAMA, si anume “Bed for love”. Este cam cea mai cunoscuta melodie de pe album, pentru ca a aparut prima, la selectia de anul trecut pentru Eurovizion. Doar azi puteti sa ascultati integral aceasta melodie. Daca vrei sa downloadezi tot albumul, intra pe . Maine urmeaza “Fotomodele”.

Vama – Bed for love

We had a bed for love and now there’s just a bed for two…
Honey they don’t fix love on tv…

I never give, you only ask, there’s nothing left to share…
Funny, we don’t even seem to care…

So, I believe I have to go
For somebody else’s show
To somebody else’s stage
Where I can play
All my stupid games of love
And she’ll take me high above
Where my fears turn into endless kisses

I’ve been your puppet, been your friend, I’ve been your backstage door
I was your best supporting act, can’t play no more
I’ve given up my friends, my life, my everything for you

But I am no good
You need a love manager
With Armani suits
He should troubleshoot
The cause of your love
I’m just no good
So I’ll set myself free
Watch me, baby

So, I really need to say good bye
Do not even dare to cry
You just killed our love, don’t look into my eyes
Don’t believe in coming backs
Good old times or casual sex
Somewhere in this world I’ll find
The girl who dreams to take me high

Now I’m so sure I got to go
For somebody else’s show
To somebody else’s stage
Where I can play my games of love
She’s gonna help me through the night
She’s gonna be the morning light
She’s gonna teach me all her crazy lïttle games of love

I leave our bed for two because I badly need some love

videoclipul piesei il gasiti aici

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